Mobile Release Version 2.17
Mobile Apps
Secondary Offer in the App
What Changed
If you're a fan of Secondary Offer on the Webstore, we have great news for you. Secondary Offer is now available on mobile apps! This feature offers an additional product to your shopper if using a credit card during the checkout process.
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Where to Find It
To take advantage of Secondary Offer, you'll need to enable this feature on the Setup tab. If you have already enabled Secondary Offer for Webstore, it will automatically begin working on your mobile app now!
To learn more about enabling Secondary Offer, check out this article in our Help Center.
Why We Love It
Secondary Offer is a great way to upsell your shopper during the checkout process and increase the value of the shopper's cart!
Picture in Picture
What Changed
We now offer picture in picture for shoppers using our mobile apps! Picture in picture allows shoppers to keep viewing and listening to your live while utilizing other apps on their devices. Your video will be pinned to the bottom of the screen as the shopper browses.
Where to Find It
Picture in picture is automatically enabled for CommentSold apps.
Why We Love It
Multitasking is a growing trend for mobile users. This update allows your content to engage shoppers regardless of where they are or what they are doing!