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No Expiration Timers with First Paid, First Served Mode
What Changed
Enabling First Paid, First Serve will now disable cart timers everywhere.
Where to Find It
To enable First Paid, First Served, navigate to
Setup > Enable First Paid First Served
You will also see this change in
Setup > Shopping Cart Expiration
. If FPFS is enabled, it will show that cart timers are disabled under this setting.
If FPFS is enabled for a specific customer, that customer will no longer see a cart timer when shopping on your webstore or mobile app.
When FPFS is enabled, shopper will see an “Item not reserved” message in checkout across Webstore, mobile, etc.
Why We Love It
When using First Paid, First Served, cart timers do not apply and can be confusing for shoppers if visible. In the past, many of our shops changed the cart timer to a large value to work around the expiration timers.
Therefore, removing these timers for FPFS improves the shopper's experience. You no longer need to change the cart expiration timers to a large value to simulate removing expiration timers!
New Mobile App Enrollment Flow
What Changed
We have simplified the mobile app request flow! Instead of multiple steps on multiple tabs, the request form is a single, streamlined page.
Check out the updated Help Center article here for more information about the new flow.
Why We Love It
By streamlining this process, we hope to expedite our app turnaround times. This update also makes requesting a mobile app easier than ever!
Customize Referral Program Text
What Changed
You can now customize the text in the referral modal on your Webstore!
webstore RAF
Where to Find It
Navigate to
Setup > Sharing and Referral Program
. Then, select
from the dropdown menu.
Why We Love It
A referral program is a great way to leverage loyalty, acquire new customers, and grow revenue. This update allows you to customize this section to fit your brand and promote your program!