Mobile Apps


Release Train 5/18/22

Faster Mobile App Delivery
What Changed
You can get a mobile app through CommentSold faster than ever! While setting up your mobile app, you can now choose to use a CommentSold shared Apple Account instead of requesting your own Apple Developer account and D-U-N-S information.
This also means that you are no longer have to be a corporation, limited liability, or limited partnership to have an app through CommentSold!
This update does not impact existing apps- this is simply a faster and easier way to build new apps!
Where to Find It
This update is for shops who do not currently have a mobile app through CommentSold. This option can be viewed in Step 2 of the Mobile App tab during the setup process.
Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 11
Why We Love It
This update helps you skip the step of connecting your own Apple account (which can take up to 2 weeks)! With this update, we’ll be able to expedite the app creation process moving forward.
Edit Email Subject Lines
What Changed
Emails now have an editable subject line! This update applies to all email templates in the Setup tab such as Added to Cart, Waitlist Update, Open Cart Update, Awarded Account Credit, and more!
Where to Find It
To change your email subject lines, navigate to the Setup tab. Then, select Templates > Emails.
Why We Love It
This update helps you further personalize communication with your customers!