Release Train 6/8/22
Social Selling
Changes to Coupon Code / Gift Card Field
What Changed
Previously, it was difficult for shoppers to identify where to input their gift card information. The field was only labeled as “Coupon Code.” Now, we have updated the field to "Coupon Code / Gift Card" for a more straightforward checkout experience.
Where to Find It
You can see this change from the shopper’s perspective on the webstore checkout page.
Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 10
Why We Love It
Easy checkout is essential for a great shopping experience. This update will help eliminate confusion for shoppers!
Live Messenger Notifications (in case you missed it!)
In case you missed our announcement about Live Messenger Notifications, check out our guide in the Help Center here.
Live Messenger Notifications are the best way to increase your viewership and sales on Facebook live sales. And when you're not going live, you can use them to inform your shoppers about special promotions, events, and your mobile app! Check out the link above for more information.