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Weekly Changelog Notes 10/26/23

Weekly Updates 10/26/23
Want to stay up to date on all the latest features and improvements we're making to help your business grow? Check out our Weekly Release Spotlight & Release Notes every Thursday to help you get a quick look at important features you don't want to miss! Explore this week's features below.
Feature 1: TikTok Attributes
What Changed:
We’ve added a new TikTok Attributes menu to comply with TikTok's required product information policies. Certain TikTok product categories now require attributes to be uploaded for product approval. If you're unsure of which product category it is in, you can also click the "Recommend Category" button for suggestions.
Why We Love It:
Selling with TikTok has helped many of you grow and expand your businesses, reaching more and more shoppers. With TikTok Attributes, you can continue to grow on TikTok and save time by reducing your number of failed syncs.
Additional Release Notes
HTML Widget:
You can now add your own custom HTML code to websites. By inserting HTML code into the editor section, you can create logic based HTML coding to restructure your pages at your own flexibility. We recommend working with an agency partner or website designer for best results.
TikTok Improvements:
Learn more about upcoming TikTok releases here.