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Weekly Release Spotlight & Notes on 8/31/23

Weekly Release Spotlight 8/31/23
Want to stay up to date on all the latest features and improvements we're making to help your business grow? Check out our Weekly Release Spotlight & Release Notes every Thursday to help you get a quick look at important features you don't want to miss! Explore this week's features below.
Feature 1: Multi-Source
What Changed:
Multi-Source is a completely browser based, install-free technology that allows you to invite external participants into your shows by simply sending them a link or QR code–while maintaining complete control over your guest’s on-screen presence. Multi-Source creates limitless possibilities for you to foster highly engaging and interactive shows that surprise and delight your customers.
Where to Learn More:
You can explore step-by-step articles about going live with multiple sources here.
Why We Love It:
Designed to bring a deeper level of creativity and interactivity to live shopping, multi-source empowers you to collaborate with celebrities, suppliers, and creators to expand your library of hosts who can now effortlessly go live for you on a regular basis, either in person or remotely. You can also invite important customers to join you on-camera to create lifelong relationships and showcase them as true VIPs, or even add a secondary camera angle to showcase your products in their best light.
Feature 2: TikTok Updates
What Changed:
We've recently launched several TikTok improvements. You can see the full list linked below.
Where to Learn More:
You can view and/or download our weekly TikTok report here.
Why We Love it:
TikTok is a a thriving sales channel where you can connect with a brand new wave of shoppers to accelerate your growth. We're seeing great success from shops utilizing our one-of-a-kind TikTok Shops integration, and we will continue to prioritize improvements to our integration to help our shops grow even more.
Feature 3: Ad Conversion Channels
What Changed:
Advertising conversion tracking capabilities previously appeared in four different areas of CS Admin, which could be confusing for both new and existing customers. Now, we’ve moved them to a dedicated place within Site Creator to better optimize your experience. To find the Ad Conversion Settings, go to Site Creator > Settings > Marketing.
Where to Learn More:
You can learn more about configuring Ad Conversion Channels here.
Why We Love It:
Centralizing these in a singular location will help you find anything related to ad conversion much faster. We haven’t removed the options from their previous locations at this time (as not to cause any additional friction or confusion), but we recommend using them within Site Creator going forward for the most streamlined experience.
Additional Release Notes
App Previews in Site Creator.
Now when editing pages Site Creator, you have the ability to toggle the preview on the right side of the screen between web or app view. With the launch of Mobile 3.0, you can now create and customize content just for your branded mobile app. Therefore, we wanted to create an easy way to test and see how your content will appear just for your app shoppers.