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Weekly Release Spotlight & Notes on 9/21/23

Weekly Release Spotlight 9/21/23
Want to stay up to date on all the latest features and improvements we're making to help your business grow? Check out our Weekly Release Spotlight & Release Notes every Thursday to help you get a quick look at important features you don't want to miss! Explore this week's features below.
Feature 1: Site Creator Grid Containers
What Changed:
Grid Containers is our newest feature in Site Creator that allows you to arrange multiple content widgets side by side when building your website pages. You’ll also have more control to optimize the unused space around your content through spacing and padding controls. You can even add a background color or image across multiple widgets on the same row to visually connect the different elements for a more unified experience.
Why We Love It:
This gives you more freedom to create visually interesting and high quality layouts that reduce the need for unnecessary scrolling- while improving shopper navigation.
Feature 2: TikTok Order Status
What Changed:
We've added an order status next to your Tiktok orders in CS Admin. You'll be able to see whether your orders are Awaiting Shipment, Awaiting Collection, In Transit, Delivered, Completed, or Canceled.
Why We Love it:
This will allow you to track your shipments easily from your Orders/Fulfillment tab, and communicate with customers confidently about the status of their purchases.
Where to Learn More:
You can learn more about Tiktok Order Statuses here.
Feature 3: App Previews 2.0
What Changed:
We’ve upgraded our App Previews in Site Creator to reflect a more accurate experience of what shoppers see in your app. You will now see your brand colors and a preview of the Shop All menu to ensure your categories and subcategories appear the way you intend.
Why We Love It:
Our latest mobile release allows you to create custom content for your mobile app using our Site Creator. App previews allow you to ensure your app content looks exactly the way you want!
Where to Learn More:
Learn how to publish content and widgets to your mobile app here.
Additional Release Notes
TikTok Improvements.
Download this week's TikTok Improvements Report here to learn more.