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Weekly Release Spotlight & Notes on 9/7/23

Weekly Release Spotlight 9/7/23
Want to stay up to date on all the latest features and improvements we're making to help your business grow? Check out our Weekly Release Spotlight & Release Notes every Thursday to help you get a quick look at important features you don't want to miss! Explore this week's features below.
Feature 1: Klarna and Sezzle for Buy Now, Pay Later
What Changed:
In the past, you had to choose a single Buy Now, Pay Later solution to offer through CommentSold- Klarna or Sezzle. Now we’ve updated the checkout feature so that you can offer both options at the same time! Please note that Klarna is only available for shops using CS Payments.
Where to Learn More:
Learn how to enable Klarna here.
Why We Love It:
Buy Now, Pay Later allows customers to pay for their purchases in installments interest-free, typically making a payment every 2 weeks. By making their orders more budget-friendly through Buy Now, Pay Later, shoppers are more likely to purchase additional items from your shop, increasing their average order value. By offering multiple Buy Now, Pay Later solutions, you can serve a wider customer base with fewer limitations.
Feature 2: Videos in Slideshows for Site Creator
What Changed:
We've added a brand new content widget to Site Creator that allows you to upload mp4 videos to your slideshows- it's called Advanced Slideshow!
Where to Learn More:
You can learn how to design a custom content page using widgets here.
Why We Love it:
As your video commerce solution, we want to help you bring your website to life with dynamic and engaging video content everywhere!
Feature 3: App Previews
What Changed:
You can now preview your content in Site Creator as it will appear on your mobile app!
Where to Learn More:
Learn how to publish content and widgets to your mobile app here.
Why We Love It:
Our latest mobile release allows you to create custom content for your mobile app using our Site Creator. App previews allow you to ensure your app content looks exactly the way you want!
Additional Release Notes
TikTok Improvements.
Download this week's TikTok Improvements Report here to learn more.